The relationship of animals in nature. types of relationships, examples

There are several types of relationships between animals.
1) Predation is when animals of one species eat animals of another species (wolf and hare, fox and mouse).
2) Parasitism. With this connection, one of the organisms harms the other, but does not kill it. The parasite lives off the host. An example is a cat and a pulmonary fluke.
3) Competition. It occurs when two species have similar needs. For example, the wolf and the fox are competitors.
They can compete for water, food.
There are also interspecific (struggle between individuals of different species) and intraspecific (struggle between individuals of the same species) competition.
4) Symbiosis is when animals interact with each other in a mutually beneficial way. Take pollination of plants as an example. Plants get the opportunity to reproduce thanks to insects, and insects feed on nectar.
5) Freelogging is similar to symbiosis and parasitism, but in this case, the body receives nutrients from another and does not harm. An example is the relationship between a lion and a hyena. The lion catches and eats the prey, and the hyena picks up what is left.

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