The width of the rectangular field is 375 meters and the length is 1600 meters. Find the area of the field.

1. Since the field is a rectangle, its area will be equal to the product of its length and width, that is:

S = a * b,

where a is the field length, b is the field width.

Thus, the area of a field with a length a = 1600 m and a width b = 375 m is equal to:

S = 1600 * 375 = 600000 (m²).

2. 1 hectare contains 10,000 m². Let’s compose the relation:

1/10000 = x / 600000.

By proportion, we find x (the numerator of the second fraction (x) will be equal to the ratio of the product of the numerator of the first fraction (1) by the denominator of the second fraction (600000) and the numerator of the first fraction (10000)):

x = (1 ha * 600,000 m²) / (10,000 m²) = 60 ha.

Answer: S = 60 ha.

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