There was a hole in the boat. When is it easier to close the hole?

There was a hole in the boat. When is it easier to close the hole? When the hole is closer to the bottom When the hole is closer to the water surface Same

The hydrostatic pressure inside the liquid at any depth is equal to the product of the density of the liquid, the acceleration of gravity and the depth at which the pressure is determined:
p = ρ * g * h, where ρzh is the density of the liquid, g is the acceleration of gravity of a body raised above the Earth g = 9.8 m / s2, h is the depth of immersion in the liquid.
To compensate for the pressure, you need to create pressure on the patch such as water creates on it.
The expression for determining pressure depending on the force of pressure is:
p = F / S, where F is the force of pressure on the plane, S is the area of ​​the plane.
Let’s equalize the pressure:
ρzh * g * h = F / S.
Let us express the strength from this expression:
F = ρж * g * h * S.
As you can see, the force with which you need to press on the hole depends on the depth at which it happened in direct dependence, the deeper, the more the water presses on the hole, and the more force you need to apply to stop it.

Answer: The hole is easier to close when it is closer to the surface of the water.

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