To 200 g of a 30% KBr solution was added 50 g of the same acid. What% concentration of the solution will you get?

First, we find the mass of KBr in the initial solution. We use the following formula.
W = m r.v / mr-ra × 100%.
m r.v = m solution × W / 100% = 200 × 0.3 = 60 g KBr.
Next, we find the entire mass of the solute.
m r.v = 60 g + 50 g = 110 g KBr.
Next, we find the mass of the entire solution. We write down the resulting solution.
m solution = 200 g + 50 g = 250 g.
Next, we find the mass of KBr in the resulting solution.
W = 110/250 × 100% = 44%.
This means that the mass fraction of potassium bromide in the resulting solution is 44 percent.
Answer: W (KBr) = 44%.

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