What cities in Asia did the Marco Polo route pass through?

In the Middle East, he traveled through Accra, Damascus, Adana, Baghdad, Basra, Tabriz and Kerman.

From Persia he got to Eastern China through Balkh (northern Afghanistan), Herat, Yarkand, Kashgar, Khotan, Ganzhou, Karakorum (the capital of the Mongol Empire).

In China, he visited Beijing (aka Khanbalik), Chengdu, Karazhan (Yunnan province), traveled to Myanmar to Pagan.

Back in Italy, he sailed from Quanzhou on the shores of the South China Sea, sailed the strait between Sumatra and the Malacca Peninsula, through the Nicobar Islands came to the south of the Indian subcontinent to Calicut (Kozhikode), and through further Bombay, Hormuz, Kerman, Trebizond, Black sea.

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