What determines the sequence of liberation of the countries of Asia and Africa?

We are talking about the period from 1945 to 1975. The sequence of release depended on a number of factors, for example:
Metropolitan country politics. For example, the leadership of Great Britain was inclined to immediately give independence to its colonies, for example, Burma and Sudan. France dragged on until 1960, Spain until 1968, and Portugal until 1974 because of the right-wing dictatorship, which was sharply opposed to colonization.
The actions of the population in the colony itself. Somewhere during the Japanese occupation of 1942-1944, even their own armed forces were able to create, for example, Burma.
The peoples of Southeast Asia and South Asia liberated themselves largely due to the Japanese occupation in 1941-1945. She weakened the position of the colonialists, for example, in Indonesia, and attempts to return the colonies in the 1940s-1950s were unsuccessful.

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