What do you know about the religion of the Eastern Slavs? What was it called?

1. What do you know about the religion of the Eastern Slavs? What was it called? What Slavic gods can you name? 2. When did the congress of princes take place in Lubech? What decisions were made at this congress? 3. Why did the Mongol – Tatars manage to quickly conquer the lands of Rus? Which principality became the center of the unification of the Russian lands? What are the reasons for the rise of this principality? 4. What kind of battle is called the “Mamayev Massacre”? What is the meaning of this battle? 5. Who were the following historical figures: Kiy, Rurik, Olga, Vladimir Krasno Solnyshko, Vladimir Monomakh, A. Bogolyubsky, S. Radonezhsky, Batu, Ivan Kalita, Ivan III. Name one of the events associated with each of these names.

1. Until the end of the 10th century, the religion of the Eastern Slavs was pagan, although in the 11th century, pagans still lived on the periphery (Vyatichi, for example). The main gods were: Khors, Yarilo, Dazhdbog, Svarog, Perun. Veles. Stribog, for example, was the lord of the wind.

2. The congress was held in 1097, the decision was made as follows: “Everyone owns his own fiefdom.”

3. The principality of Moscow became the center of the unification, the process began around 1300. The Mongol-Tatars quickly conquered the Russian lands due to their fragmentation and the lack of a strong and numerous army from the princes. The reasons for the rise of Moscow: geographical location, the policy of the princes, especially Ivan Kalita.

4. The Battle of Kulikovo, and the significance is that it was the first major military success of the Russian principalities against the Tatars.

5. All of them were princes of Kiev from the V (Kyi) to the XII century (Vladimir Monomakh), Andrei Bogolyubsky ravaged Kiev, and moved the capital of his principality to Vladimir. Sergius of Radonezh founded the Trinity-Sergius Monastery. Batu was a Tatar khan who, in 1236-1242, ravaged the Russian principalities, Volga Bulgaria and some European countries (southern Poland, eastern Bohemia, Hungary). Ivan I and Ivan III were Moscow princes. The first made the principality the center of the unification of Russian lands (the metropolitan moved to Moscow), and the second got rid of the Horde dependence and annexed several principalities and lands (Novgorod, Vyatka, Yaroslavl, Rostov, Vyazma).

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