What genetic energy will a 9g bullet have when fired from a gun at a speed of 920 m / s?

The kinetic energy of a body Wk of mass m, moving uniformly with a speed v, is determined by the formula:

Wк = (m ∙ v ^ 2) / 2.

It is known from the problem statement that a bullet with a mass of m = 9 g = 0.009 kg was fired from a gun at a speed of v = 920 m / s. Substitute the values of physical quantities into the calculation formula and find the kinetic energy of the bullet:

Wк = (0.009 kg ∙ (920 m / s) ^ 2) / 2;

Wк = 3808.8 J ≈ 3.8 kJ.

Answer: a bullet fired from a gun will have a kinetic energy of ≈ 3.8 kJ.

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