What is historically plausible in the legend of the founding of Carthage, and what is most likely fiction?

The founding of Carthage is surrounded by legends. Basis 825 BC NS. The founders of Carthage were the Phoenicians – it looks historically plausible.
According to legend, the city was founded by Queen Elissa (Dido). The queen was a fugitive, her husband was killed because of the treasure. According to legend, she was allowed to occupy as much land as a bull’s hide would cover. But not a single bovine hide is enough for the city. This is a legend, most likely fiction.
But the fact that the fugitive queen could take part of the treasury with her and redeem the land, on which the city would later be, sounds more plausible.
The city was located on the shores of the Gulf of Tunis and was famous for its trade. According to historians, the inhabitants of Carthage were famous for their business acumen. This is historically plausible.

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