What is more complex from the humoral nervous system? Why is it better?

Humoral regulation – mechanisms of regulation of life processes in our body, it works due to hormones through the blood and other liquid media. In humoral regulation, the products of internal metabolism act on chemoreceptors (the so-called sensory nerves or their endings), as well as on the nerve centers of the body. Products of intermediate metabolism are no less important in humoral regulation. The transmission of nerve impulses occurs in the peripheral and nervous systems.

Nervous regulation is important for the body as a product of ensuring the integrity of homeostasis and the process as a whole. Nervous regulation can be called a younger mechanism in contrast to the humoral one. Its basis consists of reflex connections and the speed is much higher than the speed of humoral regulation. Mediators of nervous regulation enter the bloodstream and regulate the activity of the body as a whole.

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