What is the atmospheric pressure at the top of a hill with a height of 310 m, if at its foot it is 758 mm. rt. Art.?

The handbooks provide data, established experimentally, that when rising every 10 – 12 meters above sea level, air pressure decreases by 1 millimeter of mercury. Let’s take the average value – 11 meters, we get:

310: 11 ≈ 28 (mm Hg) – pressure drop when climbing a hill, 310 meters high;

758 – 28 = 730 (mm Hg) – the value of atmospheric pressure at the top of the hill, since it is known from the condition of the problem that the pressure at its foot is 758 mm. rt. Art.

Answer: the atmospheric pressure at the top of the hill is 730 mm Hg. Art.

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