What is the difference between peat and coal?

There are more similarities than differences between stone and peat. Peat and coal are almost the same. But, there are still some differences, and quite significant. So, peat carries moisture, while coal is absolutely dry. Therefore, peat is heavier, coal is like a fluff, it is very light. There is almost no need to look for peat, it is located on top of the soil. And what about coal? That’s right, you need to dig the deepest mines and get it there. You can’t take coal out of the ground without digging. With peat, as we already understood, everything is easier. Peat is loose, because it is less than years old and nothing presses on it, it simply is not pressed, and coal is subjected to tremendous pressure and it is very ancient. Due to its lower density, peat is less resistant to combustion.

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