What is the external memory of a computer?

External memory of a computer is a storage device called external (OVC) because it is not located inside the computer, but outside it and can be connected to it. The exception is the hard drive, which is located inside the computer’s system unit, but can be extracted from it and store information independently of the computer. OVCs can store information for a long time, as long as the user needs it. The contents of the external memory are retained even when the device is disconnected from the mains. Since information can be stored on the OVC for many years, its volume is constantly increasing (accumulating). Therefore, these devices are often called drives.

The drives that are currently in use are listed below:

1) hard drives (HDD);

2) solid state drives SSD;

3) Optical discs (CD, DVD, Blu Ray);

4) flash drives or flash drives.

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