What is the main part of a microscope?

A microscope is a powerful magnifying device that allows a person to see what he cannot see with the naked eye: various micro movements of small creatures, to study their behavior (for example, by observing ants); discern the shape of unicellular organisms, their organelles, learn about the phases of division of this creature. At the moment there are two types of microscopes – light and electron. The main part of these microscopes is a magnifying lens system; in a light microscope, a mirror is equally important, directing light to the desired point (thanks to this, it is possible to see things that are larger than a photon – light particles). If the object of study is smaller than a photon, then the light will simply “bypass” it, without returning to the lens. To observe such particles, there are electron microscopes, which have another important part – an electron flow generator. They are smaller than a photon and can reflect off even the smallest objects.

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