What is the significance of earthworms in nature and human economic activity?

Earthworms (earthworms) are a group of polychaete worms. They are among the most abundant invertebrates on Earth. They live on all continents except Antarctica. Earthworms are irreplaceable in nature and in human activities. One might ask: how are they useful for people? From the name itself, it is clear that earthworms live in the soil. This is their natural habitat. They spend all their lives in the soil and only during the rains do they temporarily get to the surface. During their life, they travel long distances in search of food. Thus, they loosen the soil. And as you know, more oxygen penetrates into loose soil, and therefore plants grow better. Earthworms feed on leaves that have fallen from trees to the ground. By doing this, they make the soil more fertile. As a result, we can say that earthworms are irreplaceable in agriculture. Also, worms are food for birds, and some rodents. So, even if they are small creatures, it would be difficult for both man and nature without them.

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