What is the significance of organic chemistry in the life of society, is it only positive?

If we consider organic chemistry only as a branch of the chemical industry (without touching on the question that all life on planet Earth is based on organic chemistry), then the following areas can be distinguished in which organic synthesis is used:

1) Processes of oil refining, obtaining fuel and lubricants;

2) Obtaining plastics and other polymeric materials;

3) Household chemicals (cleaning and detergents);

4) Obtaining medicinal products;

5) Pesticides for agriculture;

6), etc.

In general, we can say that in our time there are no areas of human activity in which the products of organic chemistry would not be used.

The downside to the progress of organic chemistry is the rapid pollution of the environment. Many of the substances obtained in industry cannot be decomposed by biological processes, as a result of which they accumulate in water and soil.

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