What is the structure of the flower?

Usually flowers are located at the very top of the shoot, but there are also lateral ones, attached to the stem with a pedicel. Each flower consists of a receptacle and a peduncle, they enter the stem. The receptacle contains all the main organs of the flower, these are the stamens and the pistil. The leafy part of the flower is formed by sepals and petals. The perianth is a sterile part of the flower that is responsible for the preservation of the pistils and stamens. The calyx consists of sepals and protects the flower itself until it fully develops and blooms. The corolla is very noticeable and creates the appearance of flowers, has a multi-colored coloration and differs from the calyx in its large size. So, the flower consists of seven main parts.
– Pestle
– stamen
– Whisk
– Petal
– Cupcake
– Receptacle
– Pedicel

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