What layers are highlighted in the atmosphere? How do the properties of air change with height?

The Earth’s air envelope is multilayered. The layer adjacent to the earth’s solidity is called the troposphere; its thickness is about 20 km. This layer provides the vital activity of terrestrial organisms because saturated with the necessary gases, dust particles and water vapor. This is followed by the border – the tropopause and the stratosphere begins, rising to 50 km, here the concentration of gases is several times lower, and there is no water vapor at all. It is in the stratosphere that the ozone layer passes, which protects the Earth’s population from hard ultraviolet radiation. Above, up to about 85 km, the mesosphere stands out, the temperature gradually drops, at the upper border to – 90 °. Above the mesosphere is the Karman line, which is the border between the atmosphere and space. And above the thermosphere is located, it is here that the auroras occur.

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