What position did the Czech Republic occupy within the Holy Roman Empire?

The Kingdom of Bohemia became part of the Holy Roman Empire in 1125 (and remained there until the early 19th century), but its official status was settled in 1212 as a result of the signing of the Sicilian golden bull by Emperor Ferdinand II. Sobeslav I was the prince of Bohemia in 1125. In 1126, he was able to defeat the Holy Roman Emperor Lothar II in the Battle of Chlumce.

Charles IV was not only King of Bohemia from 1346 to 1378, but also Holy Roman Emperor from 1355. Under him, the kingdom flourished, even the first university in the Slavic lands appeared. Later, the Czech lands passed to the Habsburg dynasty. In 1609, the Czech Republic received wide autonomy from the Emperor Rudolf II. In 1618-1648 she survived the devastating Thirty Years’ War.

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