What role do competitive animal relationships and symbiosis play in nature? Confirm with examples.

The competitive relationship of animals is a struggle for existence, for dominance over other species, the right to food and other resources. For example: wolf and fox (competition for food and territory in which they can hunt), plants (competition for sunlight and nutrients). Symbiosis is a beneficial form of relationship between two organisms in which both organisms benefit from each other. For example: symbiosis of a rhinoceros and small birds “larvae”. Birds accompany rhinos everywhere, they feed on a variety of parasitic insects that live in the folds of animal skin. Also, since rhinos have small eyes and very low vision, “larvaeaters” inform them about the danger, when they hear the danger, they signal the rhino about it by chirping and movements. The rhinoceros perfectly knows these sounds and reacts in an instant – it jumps, looks around and runs away. In turn, the rhino protects the “larvae-eaters”, as it is large and strong, other large birds and predators cannot harm the birds that are under the protection of such a large animal.

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