What rules were to be observed by Egyptian masters depicting gods, pharaohs, nobles?

The art of Ancient Egypt is original. To depict people, craftsmen had to adhere to certain rules. The person was portrayed according to social status and position in the family. The figures of the pharaohs, noble nobles froze in their grandeur. They are calm and serene. Hands are free and lowered, occasionally a staff in one hand, or one is pressed to the chest. The faces and feet are turned in profile, the body is in full face. The eyes are deliberately large and accentuated. The white-clad bodies of men have a reddish-brown hue, women are yellow-pink. The figures of ordinary people (farmers, warriors, builders, etc.) were depicted in natural poses, often with a tool in their hands, at work and in motion. The owner of the house is always taller than the rest of the members, the wife is emphasized below, and the children look like “little adults.”

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