What should be done if foreign bodies enter the respiratory tract?

Every adult needs to know the rules of first aid. Children in the lessons of life safety (basics of life safety) are given theoretical instructions on how to behave in an unforeseen situation. For example, you or your loved one choked. It is worth acting immediately, since a foreign body can block the flow of air into the body. So, if you are alone, the algorithm is as follows: inhale gently, slowly and deeply. Try to get as much air as possible. Next, you need to exhale sharply, trying to push out the object that blocked the larynx. Also, to improve the effect, you can press the tabletop or headboard with the upper abdomen at the time of exhalation. If someone around you choked, you need to act according to the algorithm:
-call an ambulance;
-throw the victim over the back of the chair (chair, or over your thigh);
– with an open palm, hit between the shoulder blades 3-4 times.
If there is no chair at hand and it is uncomfortable to bend over your leg, you need to grab the person from behind, under the ribs. You need to press sharply, directing the pressure from the bottom up.
In any case, wait for the ambulance crew. If the above methods do not help, it is worth resorting to artificial respiration.

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