What states were captured by the Mongols?

The Mongols began military campaigns at the beginning of the 13th century from the territory of modern Mongolia. At that time, China did not exist as a single state within its modern borders. The Mongols captured various states on its territory:

State of the Khitan.
Jin State by 1234.
State of the Tanguts. It was also called the great Xia.
The Song Empire. The Mongols fought with her until 1279 and created the Yuan Empire.

In 1219-1224 they captured Central Asia, where the state of the Khorezmshahs was located. Even during the war with him, their army invaded Transcaucasia, where it began to fight with the Georgian kingdom, as well as with the principalities and khanates on the territory of Dagestan and Armenia. In 1236 they conquered the Volga Bulgaria. The Russian principalities were ruined by them, but not conquered.

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