What warm Pacific current can be called the “brother” of the Gulf Stream?

Kuroshio (Kuro-Shio), rarely called the Japanese current, is a rather warm current in the Pacific Ocean off the eastern and southern shores of Japan. Kuro-Shio is the carrier of the salty and warm waters of the South and East China Seas to the closer northern latitudes, while their climate is partially softening. The directional currents of the warm Kuroshio deepen to approximately 40 ° N latitude, and also further north, where the average water temperature in August is 27 ° C, and in February – 15 ° C.

From the east, the current cannot be accurately determined, but already to the west it can. There is a clear difference in surface temperatures, like the “wall from the cold” of the Gulf Stream. The Kuroshio and the Gulf Stream are similar to each other. This current has a significant impact on the climate of the islands of Japan.

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