What was invented in the Middle Ages?

We are talking about the period from the 6th to the 15th century, almost all inventions were made in the eastern hemisphere:

Porcelain was invented in China; it became one of the main export commodities for centuries.
Woodcut, also invented in China.
The plow blade was invented in Europe in the 7th century.
Chess appeared in India in the same century.
There is a windmill in Persia.
In Byzantium, Greek fire.
Gunpowder in China, as well as there they learned how to make land and sea mines, rockets, squeaks and cannons. Kites were also invented there.
Hang glider in the Cordoba Caliphate.
Mirror in Europe.
In Europe in the XIV century, gunpowder appeared, and then arquebusses, cannons-coolers, ships with cannons.
Mechanical tower clock.
Typography in Europe.

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