What was the difference between the eastern and western Christian worlds?

The Western Christian world was ruled by the Pope, he also fought against heretics who appeared in Catholicism (Hussites, Albigensians, Cathars). Eastern Christendom was ruled by several patriarchs, the most influential was the patriarch in Constantinople, and also

in Moscow (since 1589), in Syria, Egypt (Alexandria). Pope supremacy is not recognized.

In Western Christianity, rituals were Latin and the main language of worship was Latin, and in Eastern, on the contrary, Greek rituals and Greek or Church Slavonic.

Western Christianity served on unleavened bread, fasting on Saturday during Great Lent.

Difference in dogma: among Catholics, the Holy Spirit comes from the father and the Son (“filioque”), and divorces and celibacy (celibacy) are also prohibited among the clergy and there is a dogma of purgatory.

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