What was the difference between US foreign policy and European foreign policy?

While the United States was a British colony, its foreign policy was determined by the metropolis, but after gaining independence, the country was forced to form its own policy based on its interests and goals.
The main document formulating the US foreign policy principles was the “Monroe Doctrine”, adopted in 1823. It unilaterally proclaimed the principle of non-interference of European states in the affairs of the countries of the American continent, which very strongly contradicted their interests, but it was inappropriate to enter into conflict with the strongest state in the region. In turn, the Americans promised not to interfere in the affairs of European states. Since the period of the Great Geographical Discoveries, the leading European states have pursued an active foreign policy, seeking to establish economic and sometimes military control over other countries.
Adherence to the Monroe Doctrine at the beginning of the twentieth century led in fact to a policy of isolationism, which was supported by many ordinary Americans, who did not want the United States to enter the First World War.
Given its leading position in the modern world, the United States is now pursuing an active, in some cases even aggressive foreign policy, relying on the support of European states. In turn, the policy of European countries largely depends on the actions of the Americans and is very often preliminarily agreed with them.

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