What was the impact of the campaigns of the Normans in Europe?

In the VIII-XI centuries, the Norman tribes carried out ruinous and destructive raids on many European villages. The Vikings ravaged the territories of modern France and created their own cities and countries. These attacks forced the peoples of Anglo-Saxony to unite and repel the Normans. The resistance was led by King Alfred the Great of Wessex and carried out successfully. Also, King Alfred signed a peace treaty with the Normans and they temporarily stopped attacking. However, in X! For centuries, these raids have resumed. The leader of the Norman conquests, William the Conqueror, expressed his claims to the throne of the English king.
In 1066 he was victorious and led England.
The result of the conquest was the destruction of the ancient Anglo-Saxon state. A rigid feudal dictatorship and a vassal legal system were established. The lands were distributed to the Norman conquerors, and England became one of the most powerful world powers.

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