What was the name of the head of the Byzantine state?

1) What was the name of the head of the Byzantine state? 2) Was his power limited? 3) What is Justinian famous for 4) What are the main enemies of Byzantium?

The head of the Byzantine state, or in other words the Byzantine Empire, was the emperor. He was the plenipotentiary head of state and had no restrictions in power. The capital of the Byzantine Empire was Constantinople. From 527 to 565, the emperor Justinian was the head. He considered his nephew to be his right hand in his reign. Famous for establishing an official religion. Increased the territory of the Byzantine Empire, conquering the lands of Spain and Italy. He carried out a series of financial reforms to save the Byzantine economy. The main enemies of the Byzantine Empire were Iran, the Vandal and Ostrogothic kingdoms, the Balkans, and the Slavs.

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