What was the role of the eastern front in the first world war?

Over the years, the alignment is as follows:

In 1914, the Eastern Front covered the territory from Libava to Chernivtsi, and it was not even, but there was a large protrusion on the territory of Poland. The front was able to divert several German divisions from France thanks to the East Prussian operation, which ended in defeat (August-September 1914), and about half of the Austrian army was defeated during the battles in Galicia in August-September 1914.
In 1915, the Eastern Front diverted the main Austro-German forces to itself, the front line leveled off on the Riga-Daugavpils-Baranovichi-Pinsk-Ternopil line.
In 1916, on the Eastern Front, it was possible to win a major victory over the Austrian army in the summer (“Brusilov Breakthrough”).
In 1917, the front no longer played an important role, by the end of the year the army was demoralized, in December the Bolsheviks began negotiations for peace.

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