What will be the result of crossing a first generation, diheterozygous rabbit with disheveled black hair with the same rabbit?

Let’s designate the gene that determines the fur in a black rabbit as C, then the gene for white wool will be c.

Let’s designate the gene for disheveled rabbit hair as D, then the gene for smooth hair will be d.

Diheterozygous rabbits will have CcDd. Such animals produce sex cells of four types – cd, CD, cD, Cd.

rabbits with disheveled black hair (CCDD, 2CcDD, 2CCDd, 4CcDd);

rabbits with smooth black hair (2Ccdd, CC dd);

rabbits with disheveled white hair (ccDD, 2ccDd);

rabbits with smooth white hair (ccdd).

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