What would happen if there were no legal relations in society? What are they needed for ?

To begin with, legal relations are relations regulated by the norms of law. The rule of law can accompany completely different relations that arise in society. For example, these relationships can be associated with the economic, political and social spheres of society. So, if there were no regulator of social relations, then there would be confusion, there would be no kind of control over this or that sphere of activity, and in the event of a violation, the culprit, it would be impossible to punish and defend our rights. characterized by a legal relationship, so turning on the light in the morning, you enter into a legal relationship on energy use and in case of violation of proper behavior, legal liability may arise.

Therefore, in the absence of relations that are regulated by law, the subjects of these relations would not have the opportunity to control them, and subsequently, if necessary, to protect them.

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