When nickel plating, they used a current of 5A, how much nickel will be released on the electrode in 10 minutes

We translate the values from given to the SI system:
Δt = 10 min = 600 s.
According to the first Faraday’s law, the mass of a substance that was released on the electrode during the time Δt at a current strength I is proportional to them.
m = k * I * Δt, where k is the electrochemical equivalent of a substance (the ratio of the mass of an ion to its charge)
According to the reference book, we determine the electrochemical equivalent of nickel k = 0.3 * 10 ^ -6 kg / C
substitute the numbers and find the mass of the nickel:
m = k * I * Δt = 0.3 * 10 ^ -6 * 5 * 600 = 0.0009 kg.
Answer: 0.0009 kg of nickel or 0.9 g was released.

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