When plowing, the tractor, with a traction force of 6 kN, moves at a speed of 1.5 m / s. What is the power of the tractor?

F = 6 kN = 6000 N.

V = 1.5 m / s.

N -?

Power N is called the speed of performing mechanical work A. Power N is determined by the formula: N = A / t, where A is the work performed by the traction force of the tractor, t is the time of work.

The work of force A is determined by the formula: A = F * S * cosα, where F is the traction force, S is the movement of the tractor, ∠α is the angle between the direction of action of the force F and the movement of S.

Since the traction force of the tractor F and its movement S are equally directed, then ∠α = 0 °, cos0 ° = 1.

A = F * S.

N = F * S / t.

The value S / t is called the speed of movement V: V = S / t.

The formula for determining the power N of the tractor will take the form: N = F * V.

N = 6000 N * 1.5 m / s = 9000 W.

Answer: when plowing, the tractor power is N = 9000 W.

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