When the basic copper carbonate Cu2CO3 (OH) 2 decomposes, 3 oxides are formed, write the reaction equation.

Let’s implement the solution:
The main copper carbonate is Cu2CO3 (OH) 2;
Cu2CO3 (OH) 2 = 2CuO + CO2 + H2O – the decomposition reaction occurs when heated, carbon dioxide, water, copper oxide, black powder are released;
In nature, this inorganic substance is the mineral malachite, which consists of CuO-71.9%, CO2 -19.9%, H2O-8.2%. Previously, this mineral was used to obtain copper. Bronze items, domes of temples over time are covered with a layer of salt of basic copper carbonate, which is formed under the action of water and air of the atmosphere. Malachite is used by jewelers as an ornamental mineral for jewelry.

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