Where are the more molecules: 7.1 g of chlorine or 8.1 g of hydrogen bromide?

7.1 g of chlorine contains 0.1 mol of the substance (we divide the mass of 7.1 g by the molar mass of Cl2 – 71 g / mol)
8.1 g of hydrogen bromide contains 0.1 mol of the substance (8.1 g / 81 g / mol)
mol – the number of structural units of a substance (in this case, molecules) equal to the number of atoms in 12 g of carbon-12, that is, 6.02 * 10 ^ 23
Since the number of moles for both substances is the same, the number of molecules in 7.1 g of chlorine and 8.1 g of hydrogen bromide is the same

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