Why did the first secular schools emerge under Charlemagne? What needs of the state mattered?

During the reign of Charlemagne, the Frankish Empire experienced a cultural upsurge. The emperor patronized learned people and was himself an outstanding person. “Karolinskoe Revival” – opening of secular schools, attracting artists, architects and musicians to the courtyard. Charlemagne was a literate person. The ruler spoke several foreign languages, was inquisitive and tried to have educated people in his state. A far-sighted politician understood that the empire should have a significant weight in the world arena, and this required competent politicians, diplomats, scribes, scientists, etc.

Charlemagne strove to raise his state and set himself noble goals. The emperor fought against ignorance, the development of morality, patronized the church. Reformed the courts, the army and the tax system. Charlemagne considered the main need of the state – the education of the people and clergy, peace in the state and the construction of new churches, universities, roads.

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