Why does a person currently lack fresh water?

1) Why does a person currently lack fresh water? 2) What are the possible reasons for the shallowing of lakes and rivers? 3) Why can’t a person use water from some reservoirs for domestic needs? 4) How can further pollution of water bodies be prevented? 5) What role do aquatic plants and animals play in water purification?

1) Many fresh water bodies are polluted and drained, this problem is especially acute in Africa, where there are few inland fresh water bodies. Due to improper farming techniques, fertilizers also enter the water, making it undrinkable.

2) Water intake for human needs, for example, industry and agriculture. Cattle breeding especially requires a lot of water.

3) Because they contain various substances that are harmful to the body, or it is difficult to get to them, therefore it is cheaper to buy water than to get it.

4) Limit the discharge of waste into water, and make sure that as little harmful substances as possible get into the soil, because from there they get into the water. Try to save water, reduce deforestation, etc.

5) Some animals filter water, feed on organic matter that pollutes it. Plants release oxygen into the water, which can bind to certain substances and render them harmless.

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