Write down the equation of a straight line passing through the point (-2; -3) and parallel to the x-axis.

To begin with, we write the equation of the desired straight line in general form y = kx + b.

We need to find the unknown coefficients k and b.

The initial data for this task says that this line must pass through the point with coordinates (-2; -3).

Substituting the values ​​x = -2 and y = -3 in the equation of the straight line, we get the following relationship:

-3 = k * (-2) + b;

-3 = -2k + b;

b = 2k – 3.

Also in the problem statement it is said that the desired straight line must be parallel to the OX axis, therefore, the coefficient k must be equal to 0.

Knowing k, we find b:

b = 2k – 3 = -2 * 0 – 3 = 0 – 3 = -3.

Therefore, the equation of the desired straight line y = -3.

Answer: y = -3.

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