Write down the reaction equations: Н2➡Н2О➡О2➡ZnO. Indicate the types of chemical reactions.

In order to carry out the chain of chemical reactions indicated in the task, we need to carry out three chemical reactions. The first is the interaction of hydrogen and oxygen. As a result of such a compound reaction, a binary compound water is formed. The most common compound on our planet.

2 H2 + O2 = 2 H2O
The second reaction takes place by decomposing water back into its constituent parts, namely hydrogen and oxygen.

2 H2O = 2 H2 + O2
And the third reaction is the formation of zinc oxide by the chemical reaction of zinc and oxygen. The reaction proceeds as a compound. (oxidation, combustion of zinc).

2 Zn + O2 = 2 ZnO.

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