Write down the reaction equations C-CO-CO2-K2CO3-Ca (OH) 2-Mg (OH) 2

For the implementation of the chain of reactions indicated in the task, we will need to carry out the following chemical transformations.

The first reaction is the reaction of combining carbon and oxygen with the formation of bivalent carbon monoxide.

2 С + O2 = 2 CO
The second reaction is to obtain tetravalent carbon monoxide from bivalent carbon monoxide by adding oxygen.

2 CO + O2 = 2 CO2
Next, add potassium hydroxide to carbon dioxide. We get the potassium carbonate salt and water.

CO2 + 2 KOH = K2CO3 + H2O
Next, we carry out an exchange reaction between the calcium nitrate salt and the potassium carbonate salt we obtained. As a result of the reaction, a calcium carbonate salt is formed, which precipitates and a potassium nitrate salt.

K2CO3 + Ca (NO3) 2 = CaCO3 ↓ + 2 KNO3
Our further actions are aimed at the decomposition of the calcium carbonate salt into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.

CaCO3 = CaO + CO2.

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