Write down the reaction equations: cellulose glucose – ethyl alcohol – butadiene-1,3 – butadiene rubber

Let’s execute the solution, compose equations for organic substances:
(С6Н10О5) n + nH2O = nC6H12O6 – cellulose hydrolysis occurs in the presence of sulfuric acid, glucose is released;
C6H12O6 = 2C2H5OH + 2CO2 – ethyl alcohol is formed;
2C2H5OH = H2C = CH – CH = CH2 + H2 + 2H2O – Lebedev reaction, butadiene -1.3 was obtained;
nH2C = CH – CH = CH2 = (- H2C – CH = CH – CH2 -) n – polymerization with heating and the participation of catalysts of aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, synthetic butadiene rubber is formed.
The chain solution shows the link between carbohydrates, alcohols and polymers. The end product of the transformation chain, butadiene rubber, is used in rubber production.

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