Write the chain: methane – acetylene – ethylene – ethyl alcohol – ethyletanoate

Let’s implement the solution, compose equations for organic compounds:
1. 2CH4 = C2H2 + 3H2 – decomposition reaction, cracking of methane leads to the formation of acetylene;
2. C2H2 + H2 = C2H4 – hydrogenation, ethylene was obtained;
3. Н2С = СН2 + Н2О = Н3С – СН2 – ОН – ethylene hydration, ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is released;
4. Н3С – СН2 – ОН + СН3 – СООН = СН3 – СОО – С2Н5 + Н2О – esterification, occurs in the presence of sulfuric acid as a dehydrating agent, ethyl etonate (ethyl acetate) is obtained.
These reactions show the connection of hydrocarbons with oxygen-containing organic substances. The end product of the chain of transformations refers to esters and is used in perfumery.

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