Write the equation of the parabola y = kx ^ 2 passing through the point M (-10; 10).

To write the equation of the parabola y = kx ^ 2, you just need to find out what the coefficient k is. Since this parabola passes through the point M (-10; 10), then the coordinates of this point (x = -10, y = 10), when substituted into the formula of the function y = kx ^ 2, will turn it into a true equality. Solving the resulting equation, we find out the value of k.

10 = k * (-10) ^ 2;

10 = 100k;

k is an unknown factor equal to the quotient of the product of 10 and the known factor of 100:

k = 10/100;

k = 0.1.

Thus, the desired equation has the form y = 0.1 * x ^ 2.

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