Write the equations CuO-Cu-CuCl2-Cu (NO3) 2-Cu-Cu

Let’s compose the equations:
CuO + H2 = Cu + H2O – redox reaction (ORR);
Cu + CL2 = CuCl2 – compound reaction;
CuCL2 + 2HNO3 = Cu (NO3) 2 + 2HCl – ion exchange reaction;
Cu (NO3) 2 + Zn = Cu + Zn (NO3) 2 – ORP;
Cu2 + + 2e = Cu | 1 – oxidizing agent;
Zn – 2e = Zn2 + | 1 – reducing agent.
Copper salts are toxic and are used in industry as catalysts.
The solution of the chain of transformations involved inorganic substances – copper compounds. There is a genetic relationship between oxides, salts and a simple substance, the metal of copper.

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