Write the reaction equation: C2H6- C2H5Br- C2H4- C2H4Cl2

Let’s write down the solution for the transformation chain:
1. C2H6 + Br2 = C2H5Br + HBr – substitution reaction, bromoethane was obtained;
2. С2Н5Br + KOH = C2H5OH + KBr – exchange, ethyl alcohol is released;
3. С2Н5ОН = Н2О + Н2С = СН2 – dehydration, ethylene is formed;
4. Н2С = СН2 + Cl2 = CH2Cl – CH2Cl – addition, dichloroethane was obtained.
The above records of the equations confirm the relationship between hydrocarbons and alcohols. The reaction products are of practical importance, for example, bromoethane, dichloroethane are used as solvents.

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