Write the reaction equation: Cuprum-glucose-sucrose-glucose-gluconic acid

Let’s carry out the solution of the chain of transformations:
Cu – C6H12O6 – C12H22O11 – C6H12O6 – C6H12O7
1. 2Cu + O2 = 2CuO – compounds, copper oxide was obtained;
2. CuO + CO2 = CuCO3 – copper carbonate was formed;
3. CuCO3 + 2HCl = CuCl2 + CO2 + H2O – exchange, carbon monoxide is released (4);
4. 6СО2 + 6Н2О = С6Н12О6 + 6О2 – glucose is obtained in the process of photosynthesis;
5. 2C6H12O6 = C12H22O11 + H2O – polycondensation, sucrose was formed;
6. С12Н22О11 + Н2О = С6Н12О6 (glucose) + С6Н12О6 (fructose) – hydrolysis, glucose is released;
7. С6Н12О6 + Ag2O = C6H12O7 + 2Ag – oxidation of glucose as an aldehyde, obtained gluconic acid, silver.
The solution confirms the connection of inorganic substances on the example of copper and organic substances-gluconic acid.

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