Write the reaction equation: Iron hydroxide 3 → iron oxide 3 + water

Apparently here you need to write down the reaction equation from the words.
2Fe (OH) 3 = Fe2O3 + 3H2O
Iron (III) hydroxide means that we take ferric iron. That is, iron will attach 3 OH groups to itself. The result is iron (III) oxide – that is, a combination of iron and oxygen. The valence of iron 3 means that the iron will attach 3 oxygen atoms. We know the valence of oxygen – it is always 2. So it will add 2 iron atoms. Formula Fe2O3. Remember the formula for water = H2O. At the end, you need to equalize the circuit – that is, arrange the coefficients in front of the formulas so that the number of elements is the same. For example, here: on the right there are 6 oxygen atoms and on the left 6.

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