Write the reaction equations according to the scheme P2O5- H3PO4- K3PO4- Ag3PO4

We compose the reaction equations:
4P + 5O2 = 2P2O5 – compound reaction;
P2O5 + 3H2O = 2H3PO4 – the reaction of the compound:
H3PO4 + 3KOH = K3PO4 + 3H2O – ion exchange reaction;
K3PO4 + 3AgNO3 = 3KNO3 + Ag3PO4 – the ion exchange reaction leads to the formation of an insoluble silver phosphate salt;
The chain of transformations shows the connection of oxides, acids, salts. Phosphorus compounds find practical applications. Phosphorus oxide is used as a drying agent for gases and liquids. Phosphorus salts are essential in agriculture for the production of fertilizers.

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