Write the reaction equations: C3H7Cl → C3H7OH → C2H5COH → C2H5COOH

Let us write down the reaction equations for organic substances:
С3Н7Cl + KOH = C3H7 – OH + KCl – exchange reaction, propanol is released;
С3Н7 – ОН = Н2О + С3Н6 –dehydration, propene was obtained;
Н3С – СН = СН2 + Н2О = Н3С – СН – (ОН) – СН3 – hydration, propanol was formed;
С3Н7 – ОН + CuO = C2H5COH + Cu + H2O – oxidation of propanol with copper hydroxide occurs when heated, propanal is obtained;
С2Н5СОН + Ag2O = C2H5COOH + 2Ag – oxidation of propanal with copper oxide, an ammonia solution is added, the reaction occurs when heated, propionic acid is released.
The product of this reaction, propionic acid, is used in chemistry to synthesize esters.

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